A 9 year old’s theory of dreams

“Mom”   –says my boy –  “I have a theory.                                                                                      I think that when we go to bed, the brain stays in charge of the body, you know that lower part of the brain? Well, the brain does that job, so you breathe and move , and your eyes move and your heart beats.                                                                                                     But your soul…                                                                                                                   Your soul leaves your body when you sleep and goes in search of other souls to have a good time with… and that is when you have great dreams.  And sometimes the soul finds evil souls on his trip, and the other souls fight your soul or injure it, and that is a nightmare…                                                                                                                

 And other times the soul decides to become                                                                                    evil itself,                                                                                                                                   and then it causes nightmares to others.                                                                                       
The great thing is that  when you are about to wake up,                                                             your soul comes back to you,                                                                                                     good again, and takes over the brain….”

Some of my patients don’t have that good fortune. They may experience great dreams, but  wake up to the same nightmare they went to bed with.



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